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First of all healthy smoothie recipes web/app helps is free. So share it with friends and family. Get them on a healthier lifestyle. User can contribute or use or share the recipes.

Healthy smoothie recipes website lets you calculate exactly what you need to buy for your smoothies over the next few days.

So you can eat with maximum freshness and less waste.

1- Pick a recipe

2- Change the serving amount.

3- Adjust units of measure

4- Tap the shopping cart

5 – Tick off ingredients you don’t need

6-Take your phone to the shops, open your shopping list and go shopping.

Healthy smoothie recipes submit a recipe and or video

Did you know that with 1 click on a smartphone you can make a recipe video

You can submit a recipe with a photo, make a video of a recipe being made. A chef will make / test the recipes and make adjust to the smoothie if necessary.  Why not request a recipe from this website community.

Also ask  a question. In addition you may post an answer.  Make a fan video or just say hello. We speak english, but flavour speaks all languages. We are downunder in Australia, so say g’day mate!

Making things easy

The healthy smoothie recipe website is here to make living a healthy lifestyle a little easier. Because of this awesome web/app is so simple to use you can save on your shopping bill today.

Especially relevant is the fact recipes can be sent or share around the world because you can adjust the recipe to be either U.S.Imperial (fl oz) or Metric instantly. All you need is a smart device and a internet connection.

We are basing the recipes on a 2 cup serving per person. Therefore the recipes for 2 servings would be approximately 13.5 oz or 800 ml approximately.

Most noteworthy is the fact you can simply adjust the numbers of servings to suit your needs. The recipe calculator will recalculate the servings instantly. As a result you can change your serving amount from 2 to 999 and back to 1 instantly. How many recipes out their cater for 1 person?

Nutritional Information nutritional information is approximate.

Nutrition information is powered by Fatsecret.

Furthermore actual nutritional values may vary based on factors including, but not limited to, season, size of produce, growing methods, freshness, ripeness, processing and country of origin.

Having a healthy smoothie to start your day is great for your health and takes only a few minutes.

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