How to make smoothies

How to make smoothies with this web/app

How to make smoothies quickly, cheaply and without waist. Make smoothies properly. Some people grab a hand full of this, a hand full of that and a teaspoon  of the other and top it with ice a blitz it for a few minutes and bingo or should I say smoothie. It’s not hard but will you remember that recipe next year?

How to make smoothies and keep the recipe

The quickest and easiest way is to open this web/app on your phone and upload a picture, then just add your best description or make a quick video and share it to the world, have you brushed your hair?

Or get professional and submit a recipe. We will reward you by featuring your recipe on this website with full attribution, we do have a few standards to meet, but what would you expect, the larger the pictures 2-15 mp the better.

How to make smoothies for a crowd

With this recipe calculator you simply pick a recipes and change the amount of servings from 2 to 57 or back to 1 person and this calculator adjusts the recipe instantly. Now you can feed the whole team without waste. The unit of measure is also variable.

Here is how you make well balanced, tried and tested smoothie recipe. Use this website to your advantage. Pick a few healthy smoothie recipes and save them to your menu planner. Now go to the shops and only buy what you actually need.

Firstly this website is developed in a way you can plan your breakfast for the next few days . Get a bit clever. If you are a single person pick 3 or 4 almond milk recipes to try over the next few days so when you try to make some healthy smoothies you are not going to have your almond milk go off in the refrigerator because you use it all up.

Then come the weekend you can try a few coconut water based smoothies. This website makes it easy to make smoothies by collecting them in categories like soy milk based smoothies, coconut water based and many more.

Build your smoothie correctly

One of the most important thing when learning how to make  a smoothie is the way you place your ingredients in the blender. We list the ingredients in the way you place them in the smoothie machine so follow the list and if you find an error on the site please give us a hollar. You can make smoothie with a stick blender also, but the results will not be that great.

Here we try to focus on making healthy smoothie recipes.

Nothing else.

This website is paid for by advertising. If you click on an add we get paid a few cents to teach you how to make smoothies. You win because this website costs you almost nothing to use. We win because you enjoy this website. You do need a computer, tablet or phone  or borrow one. The advertisers win because they get to show you their product.

how to make smoothies
Avocado Grape Smoothie

Have a smoothie- COCKTAIL-mocktail party

Got a kids party coming up? Looking for something a bit different the next time you have friends over.

Now I started my career in hospitality as a barman in a large hotel chain and if you put a shot of rum in a tropical style smoothie you got a party cocktail. all you need is the umbrella.. So here is a quick guide on how to make a cocktail smoothie. These recipes are based on 400 ml / 14 oz recipes approximate, so you could add 1 or 2 shots of your favorite alcohol and you would be heading in the right direction. You can’t taste vodka, rum is a bit pungent and their are plenty of thing to do with liqueurs, but be careful and be old enough in your country. We do not encourage the consumption of alcohol.

Post your smoothies

When you make a smoothie or perhaps 2 and maybe you layer it like a cocktail barman from the local club you can take a picture or video and upload it to this website and show off to your friends.

how to make smoothies